Follow the rhythm of the sun

SunGong / allows you to follow the rhythm of the sun. It gives you notice at sunrise and sunset by striking a gong, bowl or bell in a sequence of your choice. It has a 24 hour day-and-night clock, several clock faces and changeable hour hand. 
It shows sunrise/sunset times and lunar phase.
It includes a 24 hour clock widget and a sunrise/sunset widget.

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Getting enough rest day by day is vital. Without it, we're drained and dormant, we have issues thinking, and experience issues taking care of even routine undertakings. We might be grouchy and fractious. What's more, that is after only one night of terrible rest. Envision the combined impact of awful rest over a course of weeks, months, or years. A characteristic a sleeping disorder treatment for rest issue turns out to be significantly more imperative.

One in four individuals overall experience trouble resting sooner or later, and one in ten of these individuals case to have dozed ineffectively most or consistently for a month or more. These rest challenges could come about because of any of sixty particular restorative causes, changing from mental causes ,to physical illness ,to conditions that deliver torment.

That torment ends with “SunGong”! “SunGong” permits you to take after the mood of the sun. It gives you see at dawn and nightfall by striking a gong, bowl or ringer in a succession of your decision. It has a 24 hour day-and-night clock, a few clock faces and alterable hour hand.

-Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS)
The most common of the circadian rhythm sleep disorders, , which occurs mainly in teenagers and young adults. It occurs when a person’s body clock is running later than it should, resulting in sleep-onset and wakening times that are very late in relation to the daily cycle of life.

-Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome (ASPS)
At the opposite end of the spectrum are those affected by it. A condition that primarily affects older people. Characterized by early sleep onset and early morning awakening, with the inability to maintain sleep past the predawn hours (e.g., 3-4 am).

-Jet Lag
These days, air travel is so convenient and affordable that almost everyone is familiar with the symptoms of jet lag: sleeplessness at night, and extreme fatigue during the daytime. Most people crossing more than one time zone in a westward direction (for example, from New York to Los Angeles), will experience symptoms similar to those of Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome. Eastbound travelers (from the US to Europe, for example) will experience symptoms similar to those of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome.

Today mankind has - partly from technological development - been alienated and estranged from nature.
In AKSOMA we believe technology can also help bring greater awareness and understanding of the cycles of nature.

Enjoy your “SunGong” !

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