About our Company

Aksoma Software, Glentevej 70b, 2400 København NV,  +45 2713 2036

“Aksoma” is a mobile applications developer interested in time-tracking, “Sun&Moon” movement, and applications that can help the user find its perfect life rhythm through meditation and short, but effective power naps.

“To make the world a more sustainable place. To connect the people with nature. To their inner selves. To the Cosmos”

The mobile applications industry is full of organizations and their products telling you what’s best for you, what you have to do in order to have a well-organized and balanced routine. We do not believe in “do” and “do not”, and that it should be implemented in your system by an application. We encourage everybody interested in a positive mind-set to have a regime of their own. Meditation and relaxation brings you to a beautiful state of the mind which is achieved through dedication and hard work. A good instrument controlled by YOU, that puts greater value to your dedication. We believe that we can make a difference, even if just a small one, and that our effort along with yours, can bring the world towards a more sustainable state.

This is the vision of Aksoma. We are dedicated to make peoples lives easier and more peaceful.

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