Sakuru Square Clock

For your home screen

This is a no-fuzz 2x2 analog clock widget for your home screen launcher.
”Be there or be square”... With Aksoma’s Sakuru Square Clock, you will not only be there, but you will also be square with time.
Are you bored of the ordinary built-in clock on your device? This stylish analog clock will be the perfect addition to your phone, or any home screen launcher then!

Sakuru Square Clock’s design is inspired by William Gibson's short story, Burning Chrome. William Gibson introduced the world to cyberspace... from that point science fiction has never been the same. This app widget is our way of paying respect and acknowledgement to William Gibson’s influence on our world, as we, in Aksoma know it.

Did you know that this is the second analog clock widget in our series of William Gibson inspired designs? That’s right!
Check out our first clock design, Chiba City Clock if you love William Gibson’s novels as much as we do, or if you are into cyberspace and futuristic designs!

Get it here » play_logo_x2.png

This is an app widget which behaves slightly different from normal apps. Thus it wont appear in the app drawer but rather under your widget tab.
- To install, go to your app drawer and choose the Tab Widgets. From there, find Sakuru Square clock and drag it to your home screen

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